Executive Summary

Experienced Product Manager and Owner, with 8 years at IT startups, driving innovation and business alignment.

  • Interchain & Blockchain Interchain Blockchain project to implement a multichain NFT utilization ecosystem.
  • Localization Talent pool and work process management system for global localization outsourcing business.
  • Ad tech & AI Automated Promotion Video Maker development project.
  • Fintech & Blockchain Cryptocurrency Wallet and DEX development project.
  • Mobile game & Blockchain Blockchain mobile game store and NFT exchange project.
  • Foodtech & Traveltech Local food curation Chat-bot for Foreign tourists development project
  • Proptech Real estate appraisal service planning project.
  • Broad practical and management skills in product/business areas

  • Strong interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues across the product and project management.
  • Ability to provide feedback on the IT service product side of the business model and business strategy.
  • Global event booth operation, Global IR pitching, and investment negotiation experience.
  • Cooperation experience with global startup members(USA, Russia, China and Kroea).
  • Professional Project and Product management skills in Agile.

  • Organized agile sprint meeting and retrospective session.
  • Led team scrum meeting, Agile development, Lean workflow, Project requirements analysis.
  • Service Planning, Web UI/UX & Prototyping, Wireframe, User workflow, Userstory analysis, HTML & CSS.
  • Quick adaptation and utilization of SaaS for IT startup cooperation management.

  • Notion, Monday.com, Jira, Confluence, Bitrix24, Balsamiq, Moqups, Github, Gitlab, Hatjar, Zapier, Sketch, Zeplin, Figma, Slack, Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Ms office, iWorks, Google docs
  • Carrer Summary

    # Service Director # Project Manager # Product Manager # Product Owner # Operation Team Leader # App/Web Service Planner # Business Development # Sales and Investment attraction


    Product Team Leader/Service Director

    2bytescorp, Anyang, S.Korea
    2021.09 - 2023. Present

    Nominated as PO of the Digital Transformation Project for the expansion of additional business value of the global localization business.
    Afterward, put into a blockchain project as a service director and led a successful service launch with more than 20 members who have no blockchain experience.
    Successfully released white paper, tokenecomics and ecosystem design, wallet, platform, and NFT project at zero bases.
    Currently, after successful sales rounds, focusing on developing new DApps.

    Project Activities

    • Optimized platform design through in-depth interviews with localization translators and PMs.
    • Implemented deployment and retrospective processes to establish IT culture in non-IT organizations.
    • Blockchain training and project planning for IT staff with no Blockchain experience.
    • Led end-to-end service sector, from business design to token economy and listing.
    • Conducted prototyping and web service design using Figma.
    • Utilized JIRA for release planning, backlog management, and scrum meetings.
    • Implemented Selenium for QA automation to resolve manager resource shortages.

    Project Achievements

    • Surpassed sales of 1,000 node licenses, each worth an average of $5,200.
    • Developed blockchain wallet and platform using in-house technology.
    • Surpassed 450,000 cumulative members.

    Project Skills

    # Blockchain # Organizational Management # New Business Establishment # In-depth Interview # Service Planning # Wireframe # Flowchart # Policy and Feature Definition # Prototyping # Storyboard

    Product Owner

    Pion Corporation, Seoul, S.Korea
    2020.03 - 2021. Present

    Led the SI and SM project to solve the serious problem of the booking process of TikTok ads.
    Promoted as a Product Owner and Managed planning, design, development, operation, and client relationship.
    Succefully managed over 10M dollars scale of booking requests and Achieved long-term SI and SM contract with TikTok.
    Designed and implemented agile collaboration system using SaaS.

    Project Activities

    • Derivation of key needs and requirements through in-depth interviews with domestic/overseas TikTok staff and executives
    • Implemented SSOT(Single Source of Truth) of Product planning using Markdown language.
    • Conducted agile development plan and retrospective sessions.
    • Introduction of Git distribution system to log systematic service planning history.
    • Performed prototyping and web service design using Figma.
    • Established release plans for each sprint using JIRA and managed sprint/scrum meetings.
    • Implemented automation collection process of user feedbacks using Zapier.
    • Implemented QA process automation using Selenium.
    • Performed heat-map analysis for user experience improvement using Hotjar.
    • Managed KPI performance and service usage pattern using Google data studio.

    Project Achievements

    • Successfully managed over 10M dollars scale of ad bookings.
    • Nominated as an excellent TikTok partner.

    Project Skills

    # Agile management # WBS # Operation # KPI management # TC and QA # In-depth interview # Git # Service planning # SOW # Workflow # UX/UI design # Wireframe # Process design # Flowchart # Policy definition # Prototyping # Storyboard

    Operation team leader, Product Manager

    ITAM Games, Seoul, korea.
    2019.01 - 2020.01

    Re-built an internal operation process in the way of agile, and lead the release of the Blockchain game app store project which was one of the delayed projects.
    Led the operation team which develops the new business model and builds new projects to deliver the new business model to the users.
    Managed and Tracked all the milestones of the planning, design, CS, and marketing team.

    Project Activities

    • Made prototyping and storyboard by using Moqups.
    • Systemized WBS by using Monday.com.
    • Lead UX improvement project via Firebase & GA analysis.
    • Improved user feedback reception process.
    • Built workflow and manual for customer management workflow.
    • Established bug report and issue tracking system by using Telegram bot
    • Performed business model development
    • Managed TC and QA
    • Managed operation team

    Project Achievements

    • Listed on Upbit(Crypto currency exchange).
    • Published on Samsung Galaxy store.
    • Adopted NFT to the Game Item.
    • Completed ICO Public Sale in 1 min.

    Project Skills

    # KPI management # TC and QA # Global business # Service planning # feature definition # Workflow # UX/UI design # Wireframe # Process design # Flowchart # Policy definition # Prototyping # Storyboard # Operation # GA(GTM) analysis # Firebase analysis # WBS # Backoffice # Business planning

    Service planning and Business development

    Findexchain, Seooul, Korea.
    2018.01 - 2018.12

    Participated as a founding member, proceeded with the research of the Blockchain market, followed by service planning and prototyping.
    Afterward, got in charge of strategic planning, service operation, and business model establishment.
    In addition to internal operation, carried out investment negotiations with global exchanges, booth operation at an exhibition, sales, and networkings.
    After all, achieved the listing on the exchange which is the ICO company's core goal.

    Project Activities

    • Developed business model for Crypto wallet & AI investment bot.
    • Issued white paper for ICO(Initial Coin Offering).
    • Built token economy.
    • Performed service planning and prototyping.
    • Operated booth event.
    • Achieved investment of $ 125,000.
    • Proceed negotiation for investment with global market-making team.
    • Proceed investment attraction negotiations with overseas exchanges.

    Project Skills

    # IA # Storyboard # Operation # Product Sales # Partners&Client management # Off-line Event operation # Whitepaper # ICO # Investment Negotiation

    Project Achievements

  • Liste on Bitsonic(Crypto currency exchange).
  • Invested from OKEX(One of the crypto exchange in HK).
  • Service planning and Co-founder(private business)

    Tasty, Seoul, Korea.
    2016 - 2017

    Built a small start-up team as a university student and got investment from the government by winning from the start-up support program.
    After raising funds for seed, as well as winning orders for the government's start-up commercialization support project, the business proceeded in the order of team building, business model development, service development, and profit model discovery.
    Failed in proving the final hypothesis about the profit model, but In the process, cultivated entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset.

    Project Activities

    • Proceed service planning for Chatbot app service.
    • Managed prototyping and project schedule.
    • Attracting $46,000 of government investment
    • Participated in HKTDC Fair in Hong Kong, IR pitching for overseas investors
    • Developed partnerships with guest houses and other businesses, got 5 MOUs.
    • Performed as operation member of Korea Startup Fair Event Team

    Project Skills

    # Data crawling # Userstory # Storyboard # Market research # Servey # BM # Business planning # IR pitching # Government program # B2B partnership

    Skills & Tools

    Project Operation

    • Communication & Cooperation
    • Agile development & organization
    • Leadership & Team management
    • Lean workflow
    • Project requirements analysis

    Product Management

    • Service Planning
    • Web UI/UX & Prototyping
    • Wireframe & User workflow
    • Userstory analysis
    • HTML & CSS


    • Notion
    • Monday.com
    • Jira
    • Confluence
    • Bitrix24
    • Balsamiq
    • Moqups
    • Github
    • Gitlab
    • Hatjar
    • Zapier
    • Sketch
    • Zeplin
    • Figma
    • Slack
    • Adobe photoshop
    • Adobe illustrator
    • Ms office
    • iWorks
    • Google docs


    • Bachelor of Commerce
      Konkuk University
      2009 - 2016


    • Grand Prize for Food Safety Data Utilization Service
      By linking food safety public data with the restaurant recommendation app, built an environment that foreign tourists can get information about HACCP certification and Halal certification information.
    • Grand prize for startup hackathon
      One of the famous government start-up support projects.
    • Won the competition to get investment from government.
      Get the government funding a total of about 46,000 USD.
    • Bachelor's Scholarship in KonKuk University.


    • English (Advanced)
    • Korean (Native)

    Other Achievements

    • 5 of MOU
    • IR pitching more than 20 times
    • Booth operation from Global events more than 3 times
    • Attracting on-site investment of about 125,000 USD.
    • Got funding from government about 46,000 USD.
    • 2 times of global investment negotiations